EZBeads - Design your own Jewelry

Express yourself by designing your own beaded NECKLACES and BRACELETS. We currently have over 350 beautiful beads for you to choose from.

Simply go to our DESIGN page and select necklace or bracelet. Next, select beads by color, size and/or category to add them to your bead tray. Then drag the beads to your necklace or bracelet. It's that easy.

We make your design a reality. When you receive your jewelry in the mail...wear it and look fabulous! It couldn't be E Z er!


Fabulous jewelry delivered to your door ready to wear!


Let everyone know that you designed your jewelry

Your design will be delivered to you (or whoever you choose) in a beautiful purple box with your name printed on the label. Surprised that the box is purple?

Visit our jewelry store on Etsy

We have everything from fabulous unique one-of-a-kind necklaces to holiday jewelry on our ETSY shop.  Check it out at www.etsy.com/shop/SandTJewelry.


We are the original EZBeads

We have no affiliation with any bead stores, ebay stores or other internet stores that may use the EZBeads name.  We are the original.

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